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Termite Control Johannesburg

Termite control in Johannesburg is part of our main service offerings and a sector that we are all too familiar with. Termite infestations come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is for certain; if left untreated, they can cause monumental destruction of property by eating through wooden structures and causing the overall timber support of a property to become compromised. Costly repairs are necessary if the issue has caused structural damage and wooden timber frames would need to be replaced. Getting to the root cause of a termite issue quickly and controlling it will save you big in the long run.

termites in Johannesburg

Termites can bread very fast and although small, can eat through wood and other timber fast in big numbers. If you spot or suspect you might have termites, you need to call an expert pest control manager quickly! We can diagnose the problem and isolate it before it becomes a major issue, fumigating the infected areas and taking preventative measures to avoid the infestation reoccurring.

Termites are the not the only pests that can affect the structure of your property. The ever so common wood borer beetle is another creature that can cause mass destruction of timber. The same methods of apply as of those with termite control Johannesburg and whatever the situation might be and no matter how big it may seem, we can help. Our experts have over 30 years in dealing with termite and wood borer beetles and will quickly and cost effectively relive your property of these pesky creatures. Just give us a call on 010 500 4229 to arrange a site inspection or for further expert advice.

Termite control Johannesburg

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