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Control Insects & Bugs in Johannesburg

We deal with a wide variety of common flying insects and bugs within Johannesburg and offer tailor made solutions specific to your issues to exterminate unwanted creatures fast, cost effectively and without damaging your property or the environment.  We cater for any eventuality so whether you need flying insect control Johannesburg or have a serious bug infestation, we can help!

Some of the most common pest control situations we deal with are as follows:

– Beetle Controlbug control Johanneburg

– Wasp Control inc Nests extraction

– Ant Control

Cockroach Issues

– Spiders

– Fruit Flies and Common House Fly Control

– Fleas and Flea Prevention

– Bed Bugs – Identifying and Fumigating

– Moths and other Flying Insects

Any circumstances, any problems, we’ve got you covered! Fast and effective control methods!

Whatever your issues might be and whatever unwanted guests may have invaded your home, we are confident that we have a solution to rid your home of these pesky critters for good as well as taking the appropriate measures to seal off entry points, destroy nests and take preventative precautions to avoid a repeat of the issue. Just give us a call today of all Bug and Insect Control in Johannesburg on 010 500 4229

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