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Rodent Control in Johannesburg

Rats pose a serious risk to your health and containing a rat or rodent infestation quickly is key to maintaining a healthy property. We are fully qualified and experienced in Rat Control Johannesburg and have developed fast, eco-friendly extermination methods to rid these Rodents from your premises for good. As expert pest management consultants, Killing rats, mice and other rodents’ fast as well as taking steps to ensure prevention or repeat of the problem is something we are well known for.

rodent control Johannesburg

Rats bread extremely fast with a female capable of producing multiple offspring every few days. As these offspring grow, they too will re-produce. This process, over a very short space of time can have a catastrophic effect on your rodent or Rat control Johannesburg. Rodents above all else are known for transmitting disease and infection and can bite pets or other animals within your property. They tend to thrive in garbage or drains and prefer an undisturbed environment which is why it’s essential to keep a clean and tidy property, both inside and out. We will actively investigate any rat, mice or rodent problem you may be having, identifying the source and providing the correct bait and trap methods to rid them for good.

Even if you haven’t actually identified a Rat or Rodent problem on your property, measures should be taken to prevent one from happening. As Rodent Control Johannesburg specialists, we can quickly survey your property and identify areas that pose a potential risk. Setting bait and traps and maintaining these regularly will help to prevent issues from arising in the first place. Call us today on 010 500 4229 for more information or to book an appointment with one of our exterminators.

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