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About Us

Pest Control Johannesburg was founded back in 2018 with one purpose. To be the leading Pest control company in the Gauteng region with a specialism for treating and preventing pest infestations. Since the companies inception, we’ve completed over 2400 jobs in the Gauteng region.

Co-founder and primary owner Kallie Swart has over 21 years experience in Termite and Pest control solutions, having personally signed off on over 19,000 buildings during his career.

Kallie has had the pleasure of working on some of the largest building contracts in South Africa including Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Housing projects, Road upgrades, Dam walls and Airfields. His extensive knowledge is well regarded within the industry making Termicon one of the most trusted Pest Control names in South Africa.

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We are committed to providing quality, affordable termite treatments with continual investment being made into both the methods used as well as the people employed. Drawing on its vast experience, our company invests heavily to training its members through the approved channels to ensue are staff our knowledgeable and always provide exceptional service.

We value our customers and puts every effort into making sure a great customer experience is had while undergoing any of our treatments. We keep our prices competitive and only provide the services you need. We draw on experience to bring sound advice and recommendations that save you time and money.

We look forward to welcoming you as new customer. For further information about us or to speak with our team, please contact us.

about us

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