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Fumigation Johannesburg

We are providers of fully comprehensive fumigation in Johannesburg. Our experience and expertise in this area has put us at the forefront of professional pest control services for over 20 years. Whether you have an insect problem, termites or a serious infestation of cockroaches, we can help. Our services are fully insured and not only guaranteed to produce an excellent result every time, but also non-toxic and eco-friendly to the environment.

fumigation Johannesburg

We use powerful fumigants to rid your property of pesky invasions from any kind of pest. Our professional fumigators in Johannesburg can quickly diagnose your problem and provide a full report and break down of the process involved in fumigating your premises. After initial inspection, we can determine if we need to seal your entire property or if the issue can be contained to a certain area. Either way, by calling us you are one step closer to resolving your fumigation Johannesburg issues fast. The fumigation process in general is fairly complex and involves rigged preparation to contain the fumes released by our chemicals. Care is taken so as not to pollute the surrounding environment and avoids unnecessary damage to property and local wildlife, humans and pets.

We also cater for fumigation in Johannesburg for the purposes of export and import and deal with ISPM-15 regulation for shipping containers and importation from foreign countries that are at high risk of contaminating the Joburg eco-system. Using preventative methods will help in ensuring your cargo is fit for export and conforms to all current regulations as set out by the South African export association.  If you have requirements for any type of fume control, call our Fumigation Johannesburg specialist today on 010 500 4229

Fumigation Control Johannesburg

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