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Contributor: Jannie du Plessis

Thanks for visiting our blog! Here we aim to provide useful tips on how to prevent unwanted pests within your home and how to look out for the tell tale signs you might have an infestation. In our first post, we provide information on how to identify termites and the problems they can cause if not treated asap! Take a look at the infographic below for some pointers on these pesky invaders!

PCJ Infographic1

Termites can often go unnoticed for years, burrowing and eating away at the timber in your homes foundations. If not treated correctly, the effects can be costly, not to mention dangerous as the overall structure of your property could be compromised over time. Termites bread in numbers and can spread quickly causing more and more damage as they go. Fumigation is necessary on badly affected properties to ensure total eradication of the these little pests. Tell tale signs are often identified by loose soil, dust build up around timber areas and long trails that often look like tree roots forming around the property. You are able to take preventative measures to ensure that termites do not set in and should contact a professional fumigation company before a problem arises.

posted by Jannie du Plessis

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